The best of fuel transfer pumps

There are many electric fuel pumps available in the market today. No matter the purpose for which you want to acquire a fuel pump, dynamics such as efficiency, safety, durability and pricing are primary considerations for any buyer. It is time we separate the authentic from the imitations. Let me shine a spotlight on the best 3 fuel transfer pumps you can purchase.

1. Fuelworks 10304010A

This 17 pound electrical fuel pump is a small and reliable fuel pump making it ideal for boats, pick-up tracks and a host of farming machinery. Its small size makes makes it portable. This electrical fuel pump is capable of filling your tank relatively fast with a flow capacity of 10 Gallons Per Minute. The fuel hose is 4 meters long enabling allowing sufficient distance between the fuel source and the tank being refueled. The fuel hose can easily be split into 2 pieces that you can size based on the application and has a manual dispensing nozzle. Perhaps another good feature of this 12v electrical fuel pump is that it is self priming and has a by pass valve. Self priming is meant to make the pump lift up fuel without having to fill the suction pipe with fuel in prior but by creating a partial vacuum. The by pass valve also prevents the system from rapture should the system pressure exceed the predetermined level. This electric fuel pump strictly runs on diesel. Currently retailing at $99.99 on Amazon, these features make it an amazing bargain.

2. Diesel Water Oil Fuel Transfer pump Car Truck Camping Submersible

If you are looking for an ideal multi purpose electric fuel pump then this is it. This pump is suitable for pumping diesel, oil and water. This electric fuel transfer pump is made of 2mm thick aluminum alloy shell. Its electric motor is powered with 12V of Direct Current or 60W of Alternating Current with an ability to deliver 30 Liters per minute at 8500 rpm. The system is self priming can sustain maximum pressure of 43PSI. The hose tail is 0.45 inch in diameter allowing a fast installation. The power cord is 9.8 feet long, and a stainless steel strainer is at the bottom of the pump. This electric fuel pump has a motor racing current of 0.3 Amperes and fitted with an electric clip connecting system. For domestic users who want to transfer small portions of fuel, this is the ideal instrument for that purpose. At the same time it can be purchased for the purpose of transferring water. This pump currently retails online at $16.99.

3. Fill Rite FR4210G fuel transfer pump

Fill Rite electric fuel pumps offer a wide range of pumps that will fill your tank quickly if you are transferring relatively large quantities of light fuels like diesel, gasoline, kerosene and mineral spirits.

Fill Rite FR4210G fuel transfer pump is the ultimate for industrial and agricultural use. Built for durability, it is constructed with cast iron housing, O-ring, Buna-n mechanical seal and bronze gyrator blades that will offer you service for a reasonable time span. Safety consciousness is paramount to any one handling flammable liquids. This G series electric fuel pump is fitted with an explosion proof motor. It has thermal overload protection and a hose pipe fitted with static ground wire. In addition, you can lock it using a padlock. This is a UL certified product thus giving you assurance when it comes to safety.

It runs on 12V Direct Current making it portable and can be mounted on a barrel, truck bed or tank using its 2″ threaded mounting base. Able to provide a quick fill rate of 20Gallons Per Minute at 2600RPM, this electric fuel pump will assure you a maximum lift of 37 feet. Its steel suction pump has a telescoping ability of up to 40 feet. It comes with a manual nozzle and a built in Check Valve and Strainer. This is a great product that retails at $635, comes with 2 year warranty and certainly gives you value for money.

These 3 electric fuel transfer pumps capture the imagination of any one seeking solution in fuel transfer of both industrial and domestic proportions. All of the three pumps will offer have been designed to be safe to the users who predominantly use the pumps in transferring flammable liquids.There is efficiency as they deliver the right amount of pressure required for the kind of work you would like to accomplish. Material used in their manufacture gives durability and all these comes at a great price.